Monday, December 26, 2011

Discovery: Once Upon a Time

People have been asking me all semester, have I been watching Once Upon A Time.  Well... no.  Based on the previews I figured that it would be overrated, and over budget.  I assumed that by now it would have already been canceled, and I wasn't too upset over it.  I was more interested in Grimm, NBC's response to the fairy tale that seemed more normal to me.

During the last few weeks of school I was implored over and over that I really must watch it.  People who know my taste were telling me that I would love it.  I was still reluctant, but figured that so many people couldn't be too far off base.  So I dipped a toe in when I went to a friend's house for dinner.  We watched the pilot.  Then the second episode.  I was very much so impressed.

First of all it was great to see Jennifer Morrison again.  She was one of the reasons I loved House as much as I did, and her smaller role in it was probably one of the factors in my giving up on the show.  It was nice to see her as more of a key player.  I think she did a great job and I can't wait to see more.

Can't wait to see more is the overwhelming feeling for this show that I wasn't planning on liking to begin with.  I guess I can't help it.  I think the idea is solid and workable, but I will admit I'm getting slightly confused.  The stories, especially in their fairy tale versions, are getting mixed up in my mind.  Is David/Charming the character from Snow White?  Or is he the dragon-fighter in the King Midas version?  Or both?  How?  As much as I like that they have plenty of different places to go, I'm also really hoping they have a plan.  Will it end neatly?  I know that's probably not what I'm supposed to be thinking so early in the game, but I can't help but wonder.

To some extent I don't even mind.  The whole show is a thing of beauty.  Between the intricate details of fairy land, and the spot on small town feel of Storybrooke, Maine, I don't care if I ever go back (Yes, I sort of used a baseball metaphor right there. Moving on.).  The details and thought put into everything brings me completely into their world.  And their wardrobes!  I'm usually not one for medieval dress, but these costumes are beautiful.  And the modern costumes too!  I want Mary Margaret's closet.  Peasant tops, A-line skirts, I'm taking notes people, believe me.

Over all I think it's fabulous.  The characters are true, and very well played.  It's absolutely beautiful, and double-worldly and twistedly wonderful.  And that cliff-hanger!  Let's just say that between this show, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey all returning in January, I'm very much looking forward to the new year.

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