Monday, December 19, 2011

Better Late Than Never* (Links Post)

This weekend has been spent hanging out with my friends from high school, going to the farmers market with the fam, and taking lots of pictures.  There's something wonky with my my sister's camera that I am in need of fixing, so hopefully I will have some of the pictures up later this week.

In case of any last minute office holiday parties, let this chart be your guide.

I just found out that I will be going on a trip to Germany this summer.  Cheers!  If you're planning any big trips for the near or somewhat distant future, this guide may come in handy.  I know I'll be using it.

25 clever tricks including wrapping paper storage, cord labeling, and ice cream cone cakes.  Awesome.

Because biking is cool.  Especially if you're a girl in India.

This week I love: the 6-year-old camera I'm borrowing from my sister (she says I can take it back to Chicago with me), Nancy Drew Games, warm socks, being done with finals, being home in San Francisco, my church, and having all my Christmas shopping done already.

What will you guys be up to this week?

*I am going to try to have a regular link post, I was hoping to get it out Sunday, but it wound up being Monday instead.  Next time.

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