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Under Construction: My list of television to watch is insanely long.  I will try to keep it as up to date as possible, but please forgive any errors.  I'm also going to add a list of (and links to) shows that have been canceled for a while now, including a few that I consider vital to my television education, as well as adding mini series that I like.

Currently Watching -- Shows that I keep up to date on either through recording them or watching them live.

Sunday - Once Upon A Time official wiki IMDB thoughts
Monday - Nothing
Tuesday - NCIS official wiki IMDB
     New Girl official wiki IMDB
Wednesday - Modern Family official wiki IMDB
     The Middle official wiki IMDB
     Psych official wiki IMDB
Thursday - The Big Bang Theory official wiki IMDB
     Communitiy official wiki IMDB
Friday - Fringe official wiki IMDB
Saturday - Nothing

Other - Downton Abbey official wiki IMDB
     Doctor Who official wiki IMDB
     Sherlock official wiki IMDB

Up and Coming -- Shows that I'm excited to see coming in the near future.

Revolution official wiki IMDB
The Newsroom official wiki IMDB

Recently Deceased -- Shows that I loved while they were on, but were canceled withing the last year.

Chuck official wiki IMDB

More coming soon.

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