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Name: Rachel
Age: 20
City: San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL
Occupation: Writer/Producer for Frequency TV, Student

My name is Rachel.  I am a city girl, and have been ever since I spent a few years in Manhattan as I kid.  I'm sort of in love with the Sound of Music, and somehow tend to live with people who dislike singing.  I don't know why this is, especially since I sing constantly and I should probably start considering that when choosing roommates.  Right now I go to school in downtown Chicago, and live in the heart of the city.  I love the cold, and have lived by the "There is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices" mantra ever since I first heard it a few years ago.  I have gold status on American Airlines, which has saved me from missing flights a few times.  It also means that I'm racking up points going back and forth between school in Chicago, and my family in San Francisco.  I think San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  I've only lived there a few years, but it has very quickly become home.  Everything you could possibly want is either in the city of, or somewhere in the Bay Area.  I am very connected to place, but at the same time I have quite the wanderlust.  I'm making it a goal of mine to get a passport stamp from every continent before my passport runs out.  It doesn't run out until 2020, so I've got some time.

I enjoy routine.  I like knowing that everything will get done, because everything has always gotten done.  I like doing the shopping on Monday, exercising on Tuesday, the washing on Wednesday, the folding and ironing on Thursday, the cleaning and the blogging on Friday, and the baking on Saturday.  I like being organized and prepared for whatever is going to happen.  This includes finding the perfect outfit and always being able to carry on a suitcase.  I have a heavy-duty backpackers backpack for that exact reason.  I like backpacks.  I like that they are able to carry nearly anything, and leave me with my hands free.  I like be able to have my hands free, and my stuff out of the way.  I can even express my love for backpacks in Spanish!  Me gusta mochilla!  I think that's right.  Maybe not.  I wish I was able to speak other languages.  I took two and a half years of Spanish, and one year of Latin, but remember almost nothing of either.  We used to take walks in my Latin class, and recite the Lord's Prayer in Latin.  I can understand Dutch well enough, though I'm not sure how well I'm going to do with German.

I am somewhat of a geek.  I make references to things in my everyday life that make me smile, but tend to leave me with strange stares unless I'm with the right people.  I don't even care.  Super bonus points go to anyone in my life who can recognize a West Wing reference when they heard it.  I recently went to my first Doctor Who convention which made me very happy.  It will not be the last, I can assure you of that.  This whole list of obsessions is well documented via my Tumblr account, but will occasionally slip into other areas of my life.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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