Friday, April 13, 2012

Somehow I'm An Insider Now

This week has been a bit stressful.  I was working all week pretty much non-stop.  When I signed up for it I thought I would be fine, but it wound up driving me a little bit crazy.  Like taking a nap on one of the prop couches crazy.  Needing to take a walk to Trader Joe's to buy candy crazy.

I love my work.  I love that I get paid for something that I enjoy doing, but I'm not going to pretend that this semester has been easy.  I've dropped the ball on more than a few things, and somewhere in my head I have this idea that I have to have everything done perfectly every time.  While of course that would be nice, I'm starting to realize more and more the difference between what I'm expecting of myself and what others are expecting of me.

My work's big production is called Freq Out.  I have been busy up to my eyeballs getting ready for it nearly every day this week.  I'm solidly a drama girl, but when you spend ten hours on set everyday you learn to find a sense of humor.  Or you try to at least.

All told, we go live tomorrow evening.  Rehearsals are done.  There's nothing left to do, but still miles to go before we hit the ground.  As much as it's been fun, I'm looking forward to it being over.  I've not done any work outside of Freq Out in nearly a week, and I just know it's going to catch up to me very, very soon.  I'm tired of being tired from the ten hour minimum days.  Looking forward to doing homework.

If anyone is interested in watching it live-streaming, the feed will start from HERE at 6pm central time.  There are opening remarks before the actual show gets going, but it's pretty much going to be awesome.

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