Monday, April 2, 2012

In Which I Go On About Travel Plans

Now that my plans are a bit more official, I don't feel awkward sharing them.  As of this past week, I am officially going to Berlin, have a place to stay for a month, and am flying out of Rome.  How my friend Allason and I are getting from Berlin to Rome has yet to be established, but that's not the point.  The point is that I'm spending a month rehearsing for a performance, then galavanting around Europe.  I can't even describe my excitement.

I'm flying out on the 4th of July, continuing the not-yet-tradition of flying out of the country on Independence Day, spending a few days on my own before checking in to What Moves You? a Eurythmy conference (eurythmy is quite difficult to explain, simply put it's a dance form with specific movements for music or spoken word, but that definition seems constraining to me).  

The conference is a month worth of rehearsals cumulating in a performance in early August.  The conference is being held at a school in Berlin.  After the performance Allason and I have ten days to make our way down to Rome before heading back to good old San Francisco.

So far I've bought myself a travel book for Berlin and started making marks in it of what I want to do.  Allason and I have brainstormed ideas of what we might do too, but we haven't made any hard and fast decisions yet.  Have I mentioned that I'm excited?  I am.  Quite.  I'm going to be spending a month with some of my favorite people in the world seeing new things and (hopefully) speaking in a language I don't quite understand (My teacher said my pronunciation is getting better though).

Anyone have any ideas?

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