Saturday, April 28, 2012

Falling Into Place

This week was a good week.  And a bad week.  I handed in a script that was ten pages shorter than it was supposed to be, and I went to a few classes without the homework, but this week is still a really good week.  Because everything seems to be falling into place in a way that makes me really happy.

I had a long chat with my boss/advisory about a huge range of things (including the most recent episodes of Fringe and Once Upon A Time) and I realized that I have a lot more figured out than I realized, which is really exciting.  Last weekend I signed up for another class which fills up my course load to the maximum sixteen.  I realized that I have a few options for where to live next year and none of them suck.  Then, near the end of the "meeting" she pulled my other boss in and we had my what-are-you-going-to-do-next-semester conversation.

Granted, I'm still not sure the class I registered for is the right one, and I haven't actually picked where I'm going to live next semester, but I certainly feel a lot better about my life right now.  And even though what I handed in today wasn't quite what I would have wanted, it's actually really nice to not have to worry about it anymore.  Meanwhile, I still have ten pages to write over two different papers, but I'm actually starting to look forward to next semester.

Especially with work next semester.  I was stressing out over the uncertainty of what I was going to be doing for work next semester.  Not that I was in huge fear of my job, just that I know there are a lot of new people coming in who would be great for the show I've been working on and I had a sense that I wouldn't be do it come next September.  I found out this week that I'll be working with a show that is basically how I became interested in Frequency to begin with.

Meanwhile, I'm taking guesses as to who the new hires are going to be and getting super excited for the summer.  Nearly four solid months worth of not having a direct responsibility.  The summer idea list keeps growing, but there are very few "chores" that have gotten on it.  Besides applying for study abroad and trying to figure out a pitch for the fall, I'll mostly be catching up on TV, reading and hanging out with friends... in Berlin.  No big deal.  (by which I mean, really-big-i'm-so-excited-i-could-die deal)

Finally everything is falling into place.  Now if I could only finish these papers...

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