Saturday, April 21, 2012

Many Way to Get Stuff Done... Or Not

Oh this week.  How do I even describe it?  Quite calmer than last week, but still chaotic in it's own way.  I think that perhaps all the things I was worried about last week were saved up during Freq Out, and then came up this week.  Specifically, I really stressing over next semester's classes and living situation.  Solutions to both have come up, but I can't figure out if they're the right solution.  Anyway... I figured it was time for some links.

On accountability.

I love it when bloggers are willing to talk about the not so fun parts of life.  Not glad that there are not-so-fun parts of life, but... oh you know what I mean.

Loving this quote from Timothy Leary.  And a Proverb about the person I want to be.

Reasons not to give up blogging.

The post I've been waiting for all my life: How to Watch TV and Still Get Stuff Done.  Now to put it into practice...

The argument for Pintrest.  I haven't made the leap yet, but maybe it's on my way.

Yesterday was Paint the Night day for the Kony 2012 campaign.  I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but this letter is thought provoking.

How to Get Unstuck.  Fittingly, I'm writing this post from a Barnes & Noble cafe.

And completely from left field, this post pleases my inner Nancy Drew fan (it's kind of a big part of me).

Lately: I'm on a bit of a Freq Out high in which I love all my co-workers.  I've been really excited for my 21st birthday... in September (in the meantime there will always be Berlin).  I gave a killer presentation in one of my TV classes.  Very excited.  My personal summer reading list is growing -- and taking suggestions!  Booked tickets home for the summer.  Re-applying for my job and hoping for the best.  Anticipating Manifest, the end of the year festival.  If you're in Chicago, come and check it out.

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