Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plan Z

A long time ago on a blog I don't remember (this was before I was bookmarking blogs and keeping track), I read a post about imagining the worst and trying to see how it wouldn't be that bad.  The sermon I heard on Easter Sunday this year talked about how even what we are sure is God's last plan for us, is still a part of His plan and can be used for His glory.  He even used the same phrase, Plan Z.

Plan Z is what happens when nothing you have in mind for your future comes to fruit.  For me that would include not being able to use my degree, moving back in with my parents... but I'm getting ahead of myself.  The reason that you think of Plan Z is so that you can think about what you would do in the meantime.  What would make this worst possible outcome better and somehow not awful.  So here it is, Plan Z.

In my Plan Z I am living in my parents basement in some alternate or possibly future universe where they live in the suburbs.  I hate the suburbs.  I am working in some office job where I do mindless data entry or copying for the majority of an 8 hour day.  Somehow, in getting to Plan Z I was injured in a way that I can't climb anymore.  This means that I spend the work day sitting and sedentary, then go home and am sitting and sedentary because I can't go on adventures like I want to.

Like I said before though, the second part of coming up with Plan Z is figuring out how it doesn't suck.  In Plan Z I cook a lot.  Since I'm living with my parents my Dad and I cook together a lot.  Maybe I take yoga with my Mom.  In Plan Z (in any plan really) I am highly involved with whatever church I am attending.  Possibly more in Plan Z because I want to be doing stuff that's not being at work or sitting at home.  I teach Sunday School, I am a part of a Community Group, I am a mentor, basically I am doing a lot of other fun stuff besides going on adventures.

What is your Plan Z?  And how does it not suck that much?

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