Monday, August 8, 2011

New Layout!

Anyone notice anything different?  It's a new layout!  Granted it's not a custom design or anything, but I made the header myself and I'm pretty proud of it if I do say so myself.  I don't have photoshop so this was a picasa and picnic dealio, which is fine with me.  I do wish the image was a little sharper, so maybe once my photoshop expert comes back from vacation he can help me out.

{Trevor if you're reading this, come home!  I miss you and our late night IM conversations discussing TV shows and our crazy families.  Also, I need to show you pictures of new IKEA furniture}

Anywho.  I'm very excited about the new header for two reasons.  One of which I've already mentioned, that I made it myself.  The second reason is because I'm working on creating multiple versions.  Since I am so lucky as to be able to call so many different places home, I am creating different banners for different places where I feel at home.  Whenever I change locations the banner will change to show where I am.  The banner right now is a picture of San Francisco that I took while waiting for the bus.  I am working on a banner for Chicago (because that's where I actually am right now), and possibly one for traveling as well.  I'm hoping that this will be an effective way to say where I'm blogging from without having to mention it in every post.

I'm very excited for this whole thing (can you tell).

Edited to add: Chicago header is now up.  You should have seen how excited I was with how both of them came out.  Very happy.

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