Monday, August 29, 2011

Before and After: Haircut

Okay, so this before and after isn't so much my own work as the last one (well, actually the before kind of is).  But I wanted to show off my new haircut because it's fun.  Not a massive change, but a fun story anyway.

Ever since I found a coupon last semester for a $10 haircut at the Sassoon Academy here in Chicago, I've waiting for a chance to use it.  This week seemed like my chance.  I made an appointment and walked to the salon.  When I checked in the receptionist had me sign a wavier.  Basically saying that I was going to get my hair cut by a student and I couldn't sue them if it flopped.  Scary.  Even scarier was waiting in their cafe while people bustled around the salon, also looking nervous.

A man came through and talked to each of the 6 or 7 of us who were wearing those hideous black gown things (and I put thought into that outfit), asking what we wanted done today.  He almost immediately looped back to me and asked if I would be his model for the class today.  Umm, okay, why not?

A few minutes later he brought me into a room with a dozen or so chairs and about half that amount of students.  He asked me to repeat what I had wanted and then explained (to them) what he was going to do.  When I came back from shampoo, he was drawing on the white board and telling a story.

Through the whole haircut, he explained the theory behind how he was cutting my hair.  Everything from the direction he was cutting to the angle he was holding the scissors.  I can tell you a lot about how my hair is.  My favorite was the bangs as he explained how it was all different lengths and he called it fringe.  I felt quite silly for calling it bangs after that.  Also, I'm not allowed to cut them anymore.

In the end my hair is nearly the same length, but the ends are a thousand times cleaner and it looks a lot more professional.  I guess we'll see how it looks after the first wash, but I love it so far.  And the best part was that it was completely free.  I stopped by the receptionist and she was all, "It looks great, hopefully we'll see you in a few months."  I went out and walked a block before I realized that I hadn't paid.  When I went back she said that August is their free month.  What's better than a $10 professional haircut?  A FREE professional haircut.  Awesome.

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  1. woah. august is free? i am sure they are totally booked now. i would love to go cut my hair! i think i am going to chop mine! but i need to wait until my bangs are longer ... i think. anyway i love your new do. it's so fresh!