Friday, November 18, 2011

Right Now...

jumping on a band wagon that has probably been going around for a while, and following in the footsteps of SouleMama, The Frugal Girl, and my friend Paper Armor in doing a "Right Now" post.

bundling up for the cold.  Chicago weather has turned to winter and I couldn't be more excited.  I'm one of those weird ones who loves winter like you wouldn't even believe.

wearing lots of lovely layers.  Also, moccasins.  Because apparently moccasins keep you very warm.  Seriously, I'm not even wearing socks today.

knitting up a storm!  Elspeth, of the afore mentioned blog Paper Armor is teaching / reminding me how to knit and helping me through my first project.  I have about a foot of scarf going so far in a week.  which I think is pretty good time for a first project.

getting frustrated over a group project.  Earlier this week I saw a set of pie charts on what students are supposed to learn from group projects, and what they actually learn from group projects.  In the second chart the majority of the pie was "Trust no one".  That's kind of my life right now.

missing San Francisco.  My mom sent me a picture yesterday of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco covered in fog.

planning my meals out meaning I don't spend as much as I used to at the grocery store.  I still feel like we have a lot of food in the house, but I suppose that's good if I'm spending less money and not going hungry.

looking forward to next semester.  I'm getting the just-after-midterm-blues, plus last week I registered for next semester's classes.  Plus, I'm applying for a job for next semester (along with the Teacher's Assistant gig I have this semester), so I'm going to be busy, but it'll be fun.

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