Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My roommate last night, trying to stay up late so she adjusts to the time difference in San Francisco.  She's left early this morning; her perfect scenario. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I knew when I started college that there would be a year that I wouldn't get to go home for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and it appears that this is it.  I was working all afternoon and evening today and have work again bright and early Monday morning, so it made sense that this was the year I stay in Chicago.

Overall I think it's shaping up to be a pretty good weekend though.  Today I'm going to Grandpa's house for some Turkey and hoping to bring home plenty of leftovers.  Saturday I'm going to a Doctor Who convention with my old roommate.  I'm kind of super excited for the nerdiness that is sure to ensue.  Bring it on.

This year I am thankful for family, friends, and inspiration.  Speaking of inspiration, I'm working on a new weekly series that I'm super excited for -- get excited.

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