Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fascinating Stuff

I thought I'd share some excerpts from my weekend, because it was so interesting you guys (only half joking).

“American Icons”
This article talks about the characters on Jersey Shore, how they are becoming international stars, and how that represents Americans. As the audience of Jersey Shore is becoming international and the show is becoming more popular, international audiences are coming to view the people on Jersey Shore as the way that all Americans live. There has also been talk of filming Jersey Shore-type shows in other countries, with varied feedback. One documentary filmed in Saudi Arabia focusing on liberal young people was met with scorn in it's home country. It seems, the article states, that the world is always ready for American stupidity, but not willing to look at their own country in the same way.
I think this is a very fair assessment. I hate the fact that there are people who think Snooki is an example of all Americans, a clearly false idea. I can understand however, the reluctance to see your own culture under that sort of scrutiny, just as I dislike it. I think that as long as people can know and understand that the people on the screen are exaggerated characters, and not necessarily representative of the entire population, than shows like this are okay. But, a lot of people don't see that which creates problems.
Excerpt from my Marshall Field's paper:
D. H. Burnham was a successful architect who planned not only many of Chicago's building, but also came up with what he called “The Chicago Plan” of 1909, subtitled “Paris on the Prairie”. He is most noted for designing the structures that were used for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The Chciago World's Fair was the largest of it's kind and brought people from all around the world to see the city of Chicago who in turn got to see the feat of skyscrapers and cutting edge architecture that made Chicago different. This included the newly completed Marshall Field's Annex as well as the finery of Field's original store on State Street. The Annex is a mix of Chicago Style and Early Renaissance Style Architecture, creating a bold, angular structure save for a few entry-way arches. The building was loved by patrons and office works who ran their business from the top few floors, but scorned by many in the Chicago Architecture community. Louis Sullivan in particular critisized the building as the death of Chicago Prairie Style Architecture. Unfortunately for Sullivan this building, paired with the World's Fair (also called the Colombian Exposition), gave new rise to neoclassical revival Architecture in Chicago.

So, there's some interesting stuff.  Yup.

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  1. bah, i really hope they don't become the face of america!