Thursday, July 14, 2011


About my favorite thing to do in the world is check everything off of my to do list.  Making the to do list and finishing the to do list.  Sometimes the actual doing of whatever is on the list isn't as fun, but checking it off the list makes it so much better.  There is such satisfaction in seeing little check marks next to a whole column of things that I've done, books that I've read, even tv shows that I've watched.  Half the reason I set goals is so that I can check them off my to do list.

To do list are (of course) kept in planners.  I've had a planner since I started third grade and it's probably my favorite thing in the world.  Each week has a page with a column per day to write a massive to do list in.  My planner is the only thing that helps me to remember what needs to get done and reminds me what that phone number is, and what my student id number is when I forget.  Newspaper article to give to a friend: paper clipped into my planner.  Record locator for my flight home: written on the day of the flight.  Random quote of the week: came with the planner.

On another note, I'm a huge fan of post it notes.

How do you keep yourself organized?

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