Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The List

To add to the collection of awesome moments of pausing the TV, I submit this photo.
I've come to learn that I organize my life best in lists.  There's the list of things that aren't allowed (dying being the top priority), the list of movies I need to see, songs to buy, the ever-changing to do list, and my TV watch list.

It's the TV list I've been working on today.  The TV Watch list is huge.  It includes the things I watch now, the shows I love that got cancelled, mini series, and the massive amount of shows I still need to watch (and they all keep growing!).  Today I put together a virtual version of the TV Watch list.  Granted, I haven't finished it yet, some things are still in the works, but if anyone is interested in seeing what I watch now (or rather in this past season as most shows are ending this week if they haven't already), then check it out here.  The list can also be found as a tab along the header of my blog anytime.

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